We all need sometimes a break from reality, not because reality sucks, but because sometimes it is boring what is going around you, or because you just don’t want to be there at that moment and rather be somewhere else, like a dreamy land.222102_180139892034840_100001164900226_371942_883744_n

There are two types of dreams: daydreaming and night dreaming. All these dreams are  expressions of our unconscious desires, just as Freud is saying is his well-known book “The Interpretation of Dreams” . Basically, dreams are our wishes, they show what we desire, but also dreams show our fears, that’s why nightmares are making their appearances during our night sleep.

Daydreaming is fantastic, especially when you are somewhere and just prefer to be elsewhere. You feel like there is a better world that fits your needs at that time so you start imagining how it would be escaping from reality and where would you like to be. Well, is somehow using your imagination and projecting yourself on a sunny beach with a cocktail in your hand, rather than listening to your mathematics teacher. And speaking of school and Freud, how many of you were fantasizing about your fresh and beautiful teacher during their boring lessons? What I remember most clearly about Freud’s work is that we are all guided by our sexual instincts and most of all sexual frustrations. Are we all sexually frustrated and that is why we need to dream constantly of having sex? No. I don’t think so, I just think each person is dreaming about what’s making them happy. In the end dreams and to make us happy and give us a break from reality.

Night dreaming is more complicated, because we cannot control it so easily as the daydreaming. When you are in bed and stand at the dreaming gates, you never know what to expect. Nothing seems logic when we wake up, unless we see some symbols in reality that have encounter also during our night traveling. Sometimes these dreams loose control and might turn into nightmares, those hidden fears that are reminding us that we are humans and is it ok to be frightened by some things. Superman also have his own fear, do you remember that from reading comics or maybe watching movies? It is funny how many times dreams feels more real than reality, that is because during sleep we are able to produce emotions, imagines or thoughts that we also have consciously.

If we want to go at a spiritual level, some people believe that dreams can predict the future, and they call that premonitory dreams. Would be wonderful and challenging if while dreaming we can anticipate our next day, but would be also terrifying thinking of the presence of the “evil” in our lives. Thanks God, this world is divided into good and bad and we all need to deal with both of them.

If you are skeptic, try to suppose for a second that dreams predict future, don’t you think it is plausible to consider daydreaming also projections from the future? Just as something we desire and imagine how it would be doing that or being there. Obviously, we prefer letting them be just dreams and do nothing to turn those dreams into reality, and this is because we are scared of what it could happen. But you’ve heard what many people say: “I made my dreams come true” Since we are talking about a conscious daydreaming, because they knew exactly what they want, that might be a sing that believing in your dreams, you can actually turn them into reality. I like to believe that nothing is impossible.

Who is defining where our limits stand? Nobody, each one of us is putting his/her own limits. The more you believe in your dreams, the more chances you have to make them true. Keep on dreaming! It’s free.


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