There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives. It is no coincidence that you accidentally meet a person at a party, or you encounter an old friend at the shopping center. 


   We say it is a coincidence just because we cannot accept that some events just happen to give us signs about what we should do; those events are meant to give us information for future actions, future decision or to prevent us from doing something is the future. Think about, why do you think you meet a person and out of nothing that person starts talking about a subject that you were focusing on lately and immediately after the conversation you realize that your thoughts were maybe not the best ones for that specific situation or you find our better solutions for your actions. There is always a reason.

   Some people pay attention to “coincidences” and some don’t; just as there are people who believe is just a coincidence, and others try to identify the reason behind it. The more we believe in everything, the more we learn, more information we gain and we have more knowledge for future actions. The once that ignore these events, sometimes they go back in the past with their mind, reevaluating what happened and blaming themselves: “If only I would have payed more attention”. Well, there is no big deal, we all learn, and we need a point in time where we feel awaken, and then we will see more details and instead of ignoring them, we embrace them.

    There is a reason for everything, maybe not everybody believe that. It is normal to believe as well as not to believe, important is what makes you feel more confident, what makes you feel you have your life together. 

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