Astrology is the science which is considered to have influence on human affairs and natural world through its 12 celestial bodies, known also as star signs or zodiac signs. The reason for the presence of these 12 zodiac signs is to teach a soul how to achieve its maturity in order to pass to a more spiritual level.


Capricorn and Cancer are the two gates, Cancer opens the door for reincarnation and human experience, while the Capricorn opens the doors into the life of spirit. Since each star sign has its own characteristics, one of the most valuable characteristics of a Capricorn is maturity. It is esoterically said that the Capricorn is the “doorway into life of those who know not death”, which means, once you’ve achieved the soul goal of your life, after death won’t be a surprise anymore; You’ll know where your soul is moving to, and you’ll live everything more consciously. The Capricorn is the guardian of two secrets, “Secret of the Soul” and “Secret of the Hidden Glory”.

Capricorns have numerous quality and all of them are related to being serious, ambitious, powerful, high status. classy, practical and with excellent work ethics that most of the times is putting the Capricorns in high position in their working environment. Also Capricorn thanks to their determination, motivation and discipline manage to build up remarkable careers and be respect by others. They are stubborn and scared of failure, that makes them  trustworthy, basically they would do everything it takes in order to fulfill their obligations or keep their promises. They rarely let somebody down, and if they do it, it is because they have the feeling their territory is invaded.

Even though Capricorn is a serious and mature sign. They tend to be this why in the first half of their life, while afterwards it goes to looking and acting younger than their age. Is something as growing reversely, when young, act mature, while older, they go back to being younger. It is interesting that they also have one of the most interesting sense of humor among the signs, rather dark and dry, but with a very diplomatic tone, also beautiful way of expressing feelings, very deep with a good selection of words. When a Capricorn is hurt, their humor becomes more sarcastic and cruel, that is when a Capricorn strikes and use their intelligence in revenge. The Capricorn is known to have a good memory and especially when it comes to memories that involves other people. They will always remember the good and bad stuff one did to them and also they are capable of both rewarding or revenging.

Capricorns are also characterized as being cautious and wary, they don’t trust people easily, and with them you’d need to build a relationship; time and patience is the key, because Capricorns have a weird perception of time, maybe this is due to their self-consciousness. For a Capricorn the world is rotating around him, not him around the world, it is hard to make them leave their shells and act spontaneous, unless the ascendant is either a sign of fire or air.

Introversion is another characteristic for Capricorns, they open slowly, but if you make them open you find a treasure within their hearts. They are protective, careful and reliable. But to win a Capricorn you have to respects its time and space. When it comes to money and most importantly, dealing with money, Capricorn is the best investor among the signs, they always know how to increase their revenues.

Capricorn represents the last step before spirituality, once you’ve achieved this life, a new world starts for you.

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