Saturn Return and Adele “30” album

From the One Night Only concert at the Griffith Observatory Adele showed some fascination for the ringed planet Saturn. In astrology Saturn return is arguably the most painful astrological aspect of all, bringing challenging and cataclysmic events in life

First time Saturn return occurs is between age 28-31, depending on the natal position of Saturn in the birth chart and when Saturn will finish it’s first 360 degrees of rotation. It takes, on average, approximately 29 years for Saturn to visit every degree of your chart and investigate what you do right and wrong. Once Saturn learns your erroneous patterns and mechanisms, it comes with a diagnosis and a treatment manifesting through life events – usually bringing isolation, death, separation, accidents, but also weddings, children, etc. Essentially some of most important aspects in each one’s uniquely written destiny will have Saturn intervention to polish you. Saturn’s method is imposing strict and hard teachings, to whose lessons is impossible to skip – puts people down to bolster them for the next round. Achieving maturity, progressing on higher realms and self improvement to name a few rewards.

Saturn return is a terrifying phase in our lives and Adele has used hers to tell a story by virtue of her latest album 30. During the One Night Only concert Adele wore Saturn-shaped earrings and a Saturn shaped tattoo on her right arm. Album written based on her story when 30 (considering the obvious motive of her album title selection) – this is her Saturn return inflicted music. Adele brings out that pain she expresses best for listeners to profoundly relate, the usual powerful vocals yet with new nuances. Song-writing, on point like a true poet, conveying a more aggressive and decisive allure, having a more optimistic tone to the pain. She knows who she is for now.

Life puts us in situations when nothing makes sense even if all seems already figured out. During the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Adele has openly spoken about her divorce, her inner-turmoil, the need of redesigning herself to bring out her most happy self, for her son and for herself. In the Saturn return phase, we encounter the big life questions: Am I happy? What is not worth my focus anymore? What are my existential priorities? Going through a phase with a lot of questions to which satisfying answers are limited, we can suffer in silent in this loop of about 2 years of Saturn return working. Once the Saturn return is over (and lessons are learned!), Saturn will grant terrific access to self control, self love and self appreciation, and maybe even a new amazing path in life, filled with priceless lessons for your mind and soul to grow. As a matter of fact, Adele now is a more powerful (physically and mentally) human with the challenging period successfully surpassed. She made art out of it.

It doesn’t always have to be all negative with Saturn return, there are also positive experiences and not-so-devastating experiences . What is important during the Saturn return phase is to nurture yourself as much as possible, accept that it is a bumpy-ride and you are strong to withstand. Time solves past problems, Saturn solves future problems.

When you feel overwhelmed by sadness. Go easy, take 1 hour of your time, listen to 30 and relax. It will all be fine!


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