Not the right time

Lately I’ve been thinking about the people I’ve met in my life and are still present in my life, in a positive way. I realized that some of them I didn’t even like at the beginning, actually with some of them I was in conflict for years. I’ve been trying to understand how come now we get along so well and why was it different before? When and where did the change take place and why did we accept the change?

Maybe we just weren’t meant to be friends back then and still needed to grow up a little bit more, experience more, suffer more, love more, hate more, learn more in order to find a point in our lives where we could actually say we’ve changed and we are ready to like and accept those people we once saw as incompatible.  

I believe we grow every day inside, with everything that we think, learn, realize and so on -we understand ourselves better; we try to make our lives better.  The more we grow, the more we understand the people around us, and we can easily relate with them, that is why maybe a person that you totally disliked some time ago now is your best friend, or your wife or husband.  It is just because one of us was not experienced enough to understand the other one, but later, the energies changed, maturity level was reached and so it clicked – and a fresh relationship was just starting to create memories.

From now I’ve decided not criticize people I don’t like and just say it is not yet the moment for us to be friends, or never will be, because we are incompatible. Or if someday, I will meet somebody that I like, and I do not receive the same response I will just wait for the right time.

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