2014 MTV Video Music Awards

The VMAs last year were very controversial for Miley Cyrus’ twerking performance; we all remember that moment when Miley Cyrus exploded at the VMAs and since then everything we were talking about was “Have you seen Miley at the VAMs?”. Was actually shocking seeing her on the stage trying to be provocative, since her image is more like a child, I do not see her body as an attractive one at all.

This year, Miley seemed to have realized that shocking can be turn into impressing the audience, so she sent a friend of hers to pick up her award for Best Video of the Year; apparently a friend from Los Angeles, who was talking about homeless youth in America. The speech was impressive and touching; but does Miley needs to go so much into the extremes? Last year she stool the show, seeing a bad girl at the VMAs, while this year she stayed all the time in the audience doing absolutely nothing, you could barely notice her presence.

I was both impressed and shocked this year, but overall I think was one of the most awkward MTV events that I even seen in my life.

The event started with Ariana Grande performing Break Free, I didn’t know the song, and Ariana Grande was never on my playlist, but watching her live performing I can say that the girl can actually sing incredibly well and even though she is only 21 years old she sure has a great stage presence. After Ariana, Nicki Minaj takes the stage with a performance of her new single Anaconda; I can see why Miley decided to retire from twerking after seeing Nicki performing Anaconda, which was a provocative performance, great attitude on the stage, great lyrical interpretation and superb choreography. Then Jessie J makes her appearance singing her new hit Bang Bang; was nice, good vocals as usual and nice harmonies with Miss Grande; but still the one that caught my attention most than any of these girls was still Miss Minaj with her rapping contribution.

Following up, we have the award for the Best Female Video, won by Katy Perry and Juicy J for their Dark Horse video. Juicy J had a great year, receiving a lot of prizes and even a number one hit in Billboard Hot 100 just for his 30 seconds of rap in Katy Perry’s 11th number one hit. It was impressive seeing them both going on the stage to pick up the award, even though Katy did not know what to do while Juicy J was giving his short speech.  If things go like this, I would love collaborating with Katy Perry on a track, maybe I get a number one hit in Billboard Hot 100.

After that Lorde appears on stage to introduce her friend Taylor Swift performing her first pop single Shake It Off. I think Taylor was ridiculous, especially when she “spontaneously” stopped during performing to say that she wouldn’t jump during her performance in order to get hurt at her 2014 VAMs; so instead, she stopped the music, started taking and walking to the point where she should have landed and then continuing her performance. To be appreciated her vocals and the dancing routing which was the same one from her Shake It Off video.

Best Male Video was won by Ed Sheeran with his video for Sing. His speech was so nicely done and you could see how happy and comfortable he was feeling on the stage.

Jay Pharoah was incredibly awesome while impersonating Kanye West and Jay Z, which is something to be watched and not to be described.  

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were there as well to give the award for Best Pop Video, won by Ariana Grande for her video for Problem; Iggy Azalea seemed a bit bothered by Ariana’s decision to go alone to pick up the prize; but anyway, Ariana had a cute speech, since she did not prepare anything because she was not expecting to win any award this year.

Kim Kardashian West introduced her friend Sam Smith, which was the performance that touched me most. Stay with Me is a very emotional song and the way Sam Smith is singing it can be compared with Adele’s performance of Someone Like You some years ago at the Brits Awards. Perfect vocals accompanied by a piano.

Three girls that I do not know their names introduced Usher and Nicky Minaj for their performance of She Came to Give It to You. At the beginning I thought Usher was singing Professors’ Green hit Just Be Good to Me, because of the similarities between these two songs. Usher delivered good vocals and a really well build choreography, was a great performance; and Nicki’s contribution was great as well.

Nina Dobrev and Trey Songz presented best Rock Video, won by Lorde with Royals? Is that actually Rock? Never mind, she went on the stage accepting her award, she looked so happy and her speech was actually nice. If only she wouldn’t try to impress with saying “Shit” and after that immediately apologizing for swearing. Everything seemed as controlled as her friend’s, Taylor Swift, performance. Makes me wonder if they played Truth of Dare before the VAMs and each one of them had a challenge for the event.

Right after Lorde, the stage was taken by a boy band 5 Seconds of Summer. These guys look like the result between 30 Second to Mars and One Direction.

Jennifer Lopez introduced the Black Widows, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. Their performance was nice and you could see the atmosphere they have created among the audience. The chemistry between these two girls was impeccable and they seemed to have enjoyed a lot being on that stage. What a disappointment for Iggy though, not having won any award out of 8 nominations. Well she could have won one award if Ariana would have shared the award for Best Pop Video.

Demi Lovato and Jason Derulo introduced Maroon 5. Adam Levine was incredible on the stage, the group performed outdoors Maps and One More Night. Both performances were simply beautiful, just as the boys from Maroon 5 got us used to.

Jimmy Fallon gave the award for the Best Video of the Year, won obviously by Miley Cyrus with Wreaking Ball. Well, as it has been said in the introduction, Miley sent her friend Jesse to pick up the award and to give that touching speech.

The show was ended with Beyoncé performing a medley of all the songs from her latest album, Beyoncé. I can describe it with one word: “Perfection”. That is a performance that must be seen. Especially because at the end of her performance she received the award for Video Vanguard Award from her husband Jay Z and their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy Carter. That was a flawless moment for the 2014 VAMs.


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