A very gay article

Before you begin reading this article take into consideration the content, which is about gay people. If your believes and mentality defines this subject as taboo then it is not a good idea to keep on reading, because the following paragraphs contain information that you might not want to be aware of.


This picture is as funny as the article is meant to be.

First of all gay people are as funny as the name indicates – gay means jolly, cheery, bright. They are always happy, bringing a different vibe everywhere they go. Some of them are fabulous as you all may have noticed at least once. Others are so knowing everything that makes you wonder when did they learn all that. You can always have a conversation with these joyful people and for them talking about sex is a pleasure, as well as it is for the so said straight people, only that gay people are more open minded when it comes to talking about sex.

In the male gay world there are three sexual categories: Top, Versatile and Bottom.

The top is the one that penetrates and the bottom is the one that receives, while the versatile does it both ways. And here starts the amusing part of their sexuality. You have the diva version of gay, with huge bags, from which they take out more stuff than Marry Poppins, and they say they’re tops – yes, they penetrate. But this would not be the biggest preoccupation, since you have the bi version of gay that belongs to the bottom category, therefore only receives. Well, now the question is: “How could you penetrate a vagina after your gay stuff?”. Moreover, if we mentioned the divas previously we should also mention the macho type of men who prefer mainly manly guys. They commonly prefer to do both things because of their versatility and adaptability in bed, but how would you react if you hear from a super masculine, macho, body-built, super straight looking kind of guy he only receives it? This is beyond imagination.

You might wonder where they find so much sex. Simple, we live in the internet era where dating websites and applications are spreading like plague did in the Elizabethan Era. On these dating apps you can find all kind of people. The ones that never share a pictures but describe themselves as good looking, 20 something year old with athletic body, while at the date they present themselves as a fat, middle age, ugly man. How dare you!? Then there are the ones that lie about their age and publish pictures with them since they graduated college, somewhere in the 90s. Is fun exaggerating, but what exaggeration is when you see their intimate parts in the pictures? Maybe it is desperation or just into searching for appreciation, either way what message should one perceive? That that guy must be another mythological creature with no head whilst just showing their intimate parts like monkeys do when mating.

After images, looks, age differences and stuff, how do we recognize gay people? We don’t because they don’t have a physical or mental disability. Gay people are normal people who instead of feeling love for an opposite sex, they feel love for the same sex. Even though we must admit women adore gay people, and is easily understandable the reason why: Gay people have created for women the most beautiful clothes and the most refined perfumes; they always listen to women without having the purpose to get laid with them. On the other hand, straight guys tend to be scared of gays because these ones usually catch all the attention from girls and the cocks get angry because there are no more chicks available for them; another fear is that gay guys would hit on them, so what? That’s appreciation and not at all violation. Anyone understands the word “No” in every language, so supposedly gay people also understand when “No” has been communicated.

The concept of gay has never been an issue before church has started to interpret the bible and communicated to people as being against what God willed. A so perfect Man as God would never make mistakes like making His own children gay and then punish them for being so. The mistake He made was to give us, humans, freedom in his garden.


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